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About Loraia Ward:

Loraia Ward, founder and High Priestess of The Scarlet Veil Sisterhood is a powerful Priestess and healer and is gifted in holding a safe space with gentle guidance and strong support as you uncover your core essence. She has been working professionally in the healing arts for over ten years and is also trained in numerous forms of dance, primarily trance-dance and middle-eastern belly dance. Loraia holds a B.A. degree in Theatre Arts and is both a nationally certified Hellerwork Practitioner and Reflexologist and is widely known for her transformational Goddess and Tantric workshops.

Loraia, a sannyasin in the Osho tradition, teaches Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine classes which she birthed here in Southern Oregon in 2001 after learning the basics with Vajra Ma in Los Angeles, Ca. Loraia received her first in depth transmission of the Sacred Feminine through friend, teacher and Priestess Katlyn Breene in 1994 during her journey in the Eleusinian Mystery Tradition and has been devoted to the Goddess ever since. She has also been deeply moved and inspired through her studies with Tantrica, Dawn Cartwright as well as Daniel Odier, author of Tantric Quest. Loraia is also an ordained Priestess of E.G.C. within the Ordo Templi Orientis. She is grateful to her teachers, students, friends and family for all their wisdom and loving support.

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