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The Scarlet Veil Sisterhood offers a variety of sacred ceremonies and rites of passage including but not limited to house blessings, weddings, unbindings, birth, blessing way, welcoming new born, death, coming of age for boys and girls, menarche, menopause, croning, and various healing ceremonies both on a personal and global level.

The Scarlet Veil Sisterhood offers an invitational Initiatory Process for women devoted to The Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine as a spiritual path. While the meditation is itself extremely powerful, some women are called to walk the path of the Priestess. After a series of initiations where Tantric Knowledge is transmitted along with class instruction, a woman may receive an invitation to become an ordained Priestess within the Scarlet Veil Sisterhood. The Priestesses are devoted to the spiritual path of the Sacred Feminine and to the art of Divine Love and Balance. The Priestesshood offers community a vessel for sacred movement and ritual in honor of various life transitions, healing ceremonies and rites of passage.