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Testomonials about Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine
"Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine has helped me to peel back the layers hiding my true radiance. It has inspired me to more fully embrace the pleasure of life and my body and I have found myself blooming in ways that I never thought possible. Loraia holds such a safe and authentic container in which you feel honored and celebrated for your feminine sexuality and power. This is a powerful practice and journey I wish all women could experience."
                 —Rachael Kennedy, The Yin Project, Workshop Facilitator

"I feel the Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine is a direct path to experiencing and expressing our power as women. By connecting with my core and allowing myself to be moved from the center of my being, I have found the energetic support from the earth along with my own innate strength."
                 —Mary Gorman, Physical Therapist

"Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine is a profound form of self-exploration and self-discovery and a passageway to the remembrance and unfolding of the divine feminine within each of us. Loraia creates an environment of welcome and encouragement where you discover your own depths, wisdom and beauty and have the wonderful opportunity to receive and witness those gifts in all the women who join in The Dance." -
                 — Susan Wrona, Nurse Practitioner

"Loraia's facilitation of the tantric dance is deeply nurturing and inspiring. She has a gift for holding space in a consistent, loving, and graceful way that encourages the students to go deep within themselves. Her dance transmissions are exquisitely beautiful and incredibly powerful to witness. I also love her juicy couples' workshops. The way she presents tantric techniques for both men and women makes them meaningful, pleasurable and fun. I would recommend her work to anyone who wishes to love themselves more fully!"
                 — Kathy Kali, Tantric Dance Instructor, Hypnotherapist, Prosperity Coach

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