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Breath of Union

You are invited to come and participate in a deeply intimate and nurturing workshop designed for couples to deepen their sexual and spiritual relationship with each other.  Through sacred ceremony, movement, meditation, and tantric breath work,  together we will soar to new heights of bliss.

**Please note that "Dancing the God and Goddess" is a prerequisite to this intermediate workshop.

"Breath of Union was a powerful catalyst for our tantric practice. We found
the workshop very nurturing to our relationship and have integrated the
breathwork into our lovemaking. I would recommend this workshop heartily to
any couple wanting to explore and deepen together!"

-- Kathy Kali, Tantric dance instructor, hypnotherapist, Prosperity Coach

"My experience at Breath of Union was one of deep relaxation within myself
and about my body. The knowledge Loraia transmitted is an ancient wisdom
that coupled all the energies of my being to my physical self while
connecting me ever deeper to my partner's body, mind and spirit in a tender
and loving space."

--Andrew Morrison, General Contractor

"The time we shared together in this workshop was wonderful - exciting,
sometimes challenging, yet i always felt supported when necessary.
I found it wonderful that a group of people were able to come together and
be so open,candid,loving and caring of one another - something that only
happens for me when I feel the deep care and concern of the facilitors."

--Barry Feinsmith, CEO

"Loraia's Breath of Union Workshop was an exploration of the breath that
took my husband and I into connection that felt sacred, sweet and very
juicy. Under Loraia's expert guidance we were comfortably led through a
variety of breathing techniques to access and open to ever deepening aspects
of ourselves and eachother. It was a delightful and meaningful experience."

--Glennie Feinsmith, lcsw