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Dancing the God and Goddess

Dancing the God and Goddess is a workshop in sacred sexuality for individuals and couples.
The focus of this intensive is to explore our sexuality through various movement meditations, communication, deep play and ecstatic celebration. It is an opportunity for you to truly open your
hearts, let go of old patterns, strengthen your body-mind and be the channel that you are...a
channel for Divine Love. As we deepen our connection and balance with our
masculine and feminine energies within, we begin to recognize each other as God and truly Divine. I invite you to live from that state of mind! So, let's shake things up, wake things up, set
free some latent energy, and realign ourselves through the harmonization of our masculine and
feminine energies...and let's do it through pleasure!

"The Dancing the God and Goddess weekend was a beautiful gift continually
unfolding. Rarely have I had the experience of feeling so safe in such an
intimate atmosphere. I attribute this to Loraia's presence. Her fire and
strength naturally encouraged deep opening for me. It was both a delightful
and healing experience. I recommend it to anyone desiring honest and joyful
connection with themselves and their beloveds" -Rebecca Ajana Miki,
Naturopath; Acupuncturist

"Dancing the God and Goddess provided a safe and authentic container to
experience the joy and passion within me that is now ready to bloom. Loraia
skillfully created space to have fun and be sensual while feeling honored
and celebrated. Before doing this workshop it felt really out of my comfort I can say this is one of the most enjoyable weekends of my life!
So much so, that I have done it twice now and will undoubtedly do it again
some day soon." - Rachael Kennedy, Workshop Facilitator; The Yin Project

"Attending Dancing the God and Goddess was truly a gift. I went into it
feeling anxious about looking 'foolish'. Thanks to Loraia's loving support,
I left the workshop feeling a deep sense of connection with my body and a
new level of confidence. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who
wants to increase their connection with their body, and in particular to
men." - Lenn M. Snyder, M.Ed., L.C.S.W.

"Experiencing this workshop allowed me to overcome powerful fears and
liberate the divine masculine energy within myself." - Dr. Howard
Morningstar, MD, Physician, Herbalist

"Loraia is such a gifted facilitator. She has the ability of creating sacred
space for all to easily and safely open their hearts. This was my second
time attending 'Dancing the God and Goddess', and once again I passionately
danced in a room filled with love. It's not often I attend a workshop that
moves me so deeply and profoundly. I'm truly looking forward to her next
workshop." ~ Robert E. Wagner, Founder of Experience Sacred Love

"'Dancing the God and Goddess' was one of the most powerful and
transformative workshops I've ever experienced. It's the kind of experience
that will continue to unfold beautifully in my life and relationships.
Guided by Loraia Ward, a master facilitator, I've emerged from the weekend
noticeably more open, connected, and full of life. I highly recommend this
experience to anyone looking for true intimacy and wholeness with self and
others." --Heather Hutton, teacher/musician

"'Dancing the God and Goddess' is even better the second time around. The
gift of intimacy that we can bring to the world is needed desperately.
Seeing everyone I am fortunate to meet in my day to day as a divine being
deserving of receiving all my love and then opening to their gifting it
right back to me is delicious nourishment for my soul. Best of all, the
practice is practical, fulfilling, and a wonderful addition to the gift I
bring to the world." --Kimonui Holgen, MPH, Gifting Personal and
Professional transformation by coaching people to exceed their own
expectations for growth.

"I always knew in my heart that there was a stronger feeling of love to be
felt within my body. Loraia's workshop gave my body, mind, and soul a "Big"
taste of the power of that universal love stronger then I had been able to
attain in the past, and the knowing that there's more and stronger love out
there to given and received. I am so happy I took this workshop."
-- Chuck Dahl, 30 years in the Tree Service industry