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Inanna's Descent

Come and unveil your core... come and embrace your wholeness... come unto Inanna...

You are invited to experience the depths of your being in the upcoming transformational workshop, "Inanna's Descent". The Sumerian Goddess Inanna symbolizes a divine feminine pattern of wholeness through her embodiment of matter and spirit, vessel and light, earth and heaven. Let us call to Her as we descend into the earth, giving up defensiveness and the illusions of identity, going thoroughly naked before the Dark Goddess. Women ongoingly descend and return as part of nature's cycle. Descents open different levels of consciousness, provide alternative perspectives and enhance our creativity. In this intensive we will explore shadow work, various meditations, dream time and shamanic journey along with Tantric Dance and sacred ritual.

"Remove the Veils of Illusion
Be Whole, Be Holy, Be Free."

"Loraia has a rare and most valuable ability to hold space for deep transformation. Her skill, integrity, and creativity as a facilitator result in both a feeling of being on the edge of our comfortabilty, yet complete safety and trust in the process. As a participant in " Inanna's descent", I felt both appropriately challenged and safe."
--Heather Hutton, Music Educator/Musician/Voice Coach

"Inanna's Descent took me into the depths of my being in a way I have never experienced before. The deep release and the integration of my shadow has allowed me to live in my fullness."
--Tamara Stadler, homeopath
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when I sensed the presence of my maternal ancestry standing "As we opened the container I could feel the power that was coming in and when I sensed the presence of my maternal ancestry standing behind me, I knew I was in for a powerful experience and I received it. It feels as though the Divine Feminine aspects of my psyche that have been denied and missing have now been accessed. I am wise enough to know that this is a process and I am still in process with it...albeit at a deep core level. I highly reccommend this workshop for all women who want to further their own understanding and evolution as part of the greater sisterhood."
-Glennie Feinsmith, lcsw