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Jewel of Shakti

Reveal Your Inner Goddess

Join us for a day of Shakti Puja
Celebrate your feminine radiance through sacred movement, touch, and meditation.
Embrace your womanhood and allow yourself to be adored and adorned
as we honor Shakti our divine feminine power.
Sacred feminine photography offered.


"My experience at Jewel of Shakti was amazing. I felt completely safe and supported by Loraia and the group to move deeply and lovingly into places of deep sexual shame and fears....places that I've struggled to reach because of so much repression and fear. The transformation I experienced was profound and I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to be at this workshop."
- Gabriella Morrison, marketing/videography.

"Jewel of Shakti was a profoundly FUN experience for me! What a treat, to soak up the love and adoration of my feminine essence, and to receive a gift from that experience to take home. I felt nourished, cherished, and celebrated... Thank you."
- Kathy Kali, tantric dance, hypnotherapy, prosperity coaching